Investor FAQs

What is a controlled substances company?
A controlled substances company, also known as a controlled substances manufacturer or distributor, is an organization that specializes in the production, distribution, and management of pharmaceuticals or (active pharmaceutical ingredients “API”) classified as controlled substances. These substances, regulated by governmental authorities, encompass a wide range of pharmaceutical and recreational drugs. Controlled substances companies operate under strict legal frameworks and are subject to stringent regulations to ensure compliance with local and international laws. They play a crucial role in the healthcare industry, working closely with regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies, and healthcare professionals to ensure the safe and responsible handling of controlled substances.

These companies adhere to stringent quality control processes and employ highly skilled professionals, such as pharmacists, chemists, quality control and regulatory experts, to ensure the integrity and safety of the products they manufacture and distribute. Additionally, they maintain comprehensive record-keeping systems to track the movement and usage of controlled substances throughout their supply chain.

By maintaining strict compliance and upholding the highest standards of safety and responsibility, controlled substances companies contribute to the safe and effective use of pharmaceuticals while combatting the illicit use and diversion of controlled substances. The controlled substances industry is poised for significant opportunities in the coming years. The growing demand for pharmaceutical products, API’s and treatments worldwide fuels the need for controlled substances, creating a substantial market for manufacturers and distributors. The ongoing development of innovative uses for controlled substances also includes pain management therapies and the treatment of various mental health disorders such

As PTSD and chronic depression. With clinical investigations continuing around the world for various controlled substances, there is a renaissance of interest in psychedelics and cannabis, thus ensuring a bright opportunity for the growth of controlled substances.

As governments continue to strengthen their focus on public health and safety, particularly mental health initiatives, the controlled substances industry is well-positioned to capitalize on these trends to foster sustainable growth and make significant contributions to healthcare advancements.
How do we sell our controlled substances?
Serenus Global sells controlled substances legally and compliantly through its assets (Conscious Compounds, Big League Genetics, Big League Cultivation, My Fungi, Sterilized Substrates & Quartz Carts), adhering to licensing and regulatory requirements worldwide. We prioritize quality control, secure storage, and transportation while staying updated on evolving legislation to seize new opportunities within the legal framework.
First and foremost, Serenus Global obtains the necessary licenses and permits required to handle, manufacture, distribute, and sell controlled substances. These licenses may vary depending on the specific regulations in each country or region where the company operates. Serenus Global strictly adheres to the laws governing controlled substances, such as the Controlled Substances Act in the United States or similar legislation in other jurisdictions. This entails meticulous record-keeping, accurate reporting, and diligent monitoring of controlled substances throughout the entire supply chain.

Maintaining the safety and quality of its products is also a top priority for Serenus Global. We implement stringent quality control measures, adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure that its controlled substances are safe and effective. Thorough testing and analysis are conducted to validate the integrity and potency of the products.

Serenus Global takes significant precautions to securely store and transport controlled substances. It strictly adheres to legal requirements, employing specific protocols for storage conditions, labelling, packaging, and maintaining a robust chain of custody. These measures are in place to prevent diversion and ensure proper handling throughout the supply chain.

Operating globally entails navigating the diverse regulatory landscape of each country. Serenus Global diligently follows the regulations of each jurisdiction, securing any additional licenses or permits required, adhering to import and export regulations, and meeting specific labelling and packaging requirements as dictated by local authorities.

As progressive legislation regarding controlled substances continues to develop, Serenus Global remains vigilant and seeks out new opportunities within the legal framework.