Serenus Global becomes Health Canada licensed psilocybin distributor

A substantial advancement in the field of psychedelic therapeutics has now been made in Canada.

On Thursday, Serenus Global Inc. announced that it had been granted its first Controlled Substance Dealer’s License by Health Canada. The new license will allow the company to possess, produce, sell, transport, import, export and deliver psilocybin and psilocin in adherence to a series of regulations dictated by the Canadian government.

The company will engage in its psychoactive fungi ventures through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Conscious Compounds Inc.

Photo via Serenus Global

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In addition to psilocybin production, Serenus is a company specializing in the production of coffee, cannabis and an assortment of non-psychoactive edible mushrooms for health and wellness.

Photo via Serenus Global

The company will be commencing its psilocybin operation at a “purpose-built, EU GMP-compliant production and research facility” in Calgary, Alberta. Serenus plans on expanding its domestic and international reach through controlled substance production, research and development in that facility.

The company also says it will continue to broaden its knowledge of psilocybin mushrooms through clinical trials and other studies.

“From day one, Serenus’ mission had remained focused on cultivating and producing controlled substances with consistent high quality that are safe to use and that will supply our customers with options for new treatments in the areas of depression, PTSD, addiction control and mental health,” said Dave Auger, Chief Operating Officer at Serenus Global Inc.

“We are proud to become an official license holder for psychedelic mushroom production in Canada, and to demonstrate our team’s ability to navigate the regulatory landscape. We look forward to beginning genetic and product development immediately,” added Auger.

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